Take your practice online.

Internet is the new medium of delivering care. Don’t get left behind.

You are in control

This is your platform, for your practice and YOUR Patients. You decide how it works.

Think of vCliniq as your toolkit which allows you to provide the best care and the best patient experience. You decide everything, from how the patient experience at every stage should be, to where, how and with whom data will be shared.

Services on vCliniq enable you to achieve optimal results in the minimum possible time. Whether it is digitising your records, Search Engine Optimisations or issuing messages and articles for distribution in public interest, we have a vetted service provider for you.


Your Own Website

Your independent presence on the web. Break free from profiles which commoditize you & your work

Manage your Reputation

Don’t be a slave to fake reviews and biased opinions. Get and show real feedback for the true picture.

10X Better Patient Experience

Patients are more demanding than ever. Exceed their expectations by leveraging vCliniq

Automate your Front Office

Enable your Secretary to manage appointments, queues, payments more professionally.

Build your Brand

Build your unique brand. Present yourself in the best possible manner to your patients. 

Attract more patients

Demonstrate your subject matter expertise through articles and case studies to your patients. Let your work speak for itself.

Secure All Patient Data

Your patient’s data is secure and available only to you. Individual practice Dedicated Instances are available on request

Provide Immediate, personalised care

Always have immediate access to any patient’s One Health Record for a very personalized experience in real-time

Services on vCliniq

Need help with setting everything up? We have vetted service providers at pre-negotiated rates to ensure that everything gets done professionally for you. Some services in high demand include:

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Online Content Creation
  • Virtual Front Office Assistant
  • Virtual Assistant Doctor for responding the patient queries and history taking
  • Medical Records Digitization

Everything Technology, handled

Spend your time and energy managing your patients and upgrading your knowledge and skills. Let us handle the rest.

Technology should just work. It should not be more work! 

As Doctors, you are busy saving the world on a daily basis. That’s what you are the best at. That should be your focus.

Technology should be a force multiplier for you, not something that slows you down.
At vCliniq, we make sure that’s how technology works for you. We understand how you work, analyze what it will take to make you more successful, and get it done through our toolkit and our service partners. 

You focus on saving the world, we’ll take care of the tech.

A complete portfolio

A full portfolio of carefully curated products and services at your disposal

Over the years, we have built out a carefully curated portfolio of products and services for your requirements. Whether it is something as simple as a software component that can increase your productivity or a healthcare service you would like to partner with, we’ve got you covered.

And if you need something we don’t have, rest assured that we ll do all the research for you and find you the best alternative out there.

Let us help you achieve your goals

We have been doing this for years.

With a team that has ~10 years of experience in healthcare IT, has built out multiple products ranging from EHRs/EMRs to advanced telemedicine systems and user friendly practice management systems, we are best positioned to help you serve your patients in the best possible manner.

Working with vCliniq has been a pleasure!

It was a pleasure working with this company. Prompt and punctual, adherence to promise. Delivers on time.

Dr Manoj Gupta, Vidur Clinic


vCliniq is a breath of fresh air in this sea of overpriced, underperforming healthcare IT products and services with dubious data management and other practices.

We have tried to clarify some commonly held misconceptions about our products and services in this FAQ. Of course, if you are looking for clarity on something specific, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do you use my patient's data?

Put simply, we don’t. These are your patients and we have no relationship with them. We respect that.

Do you customize your offerings to my requirements?

Yes we do. Whatever you need. Having said that, we encourage you to check out our stock offerings first. We are sure you will find them to be useful

I am looking for something basic to start with. Can you help?

Absolutely. Plans with vCliniq start from as low as Rs. 500/month. There is no minimum commitment and no forced upgrades. And you can get everything you  need to get started with the basic plan itself.

I need something for a 50+ bedded hospital. Can you help?

At this time, we are focusing all our efforts on individual doctor practices and polyclinics. If you are looking for something specialized please get in touch.

Which master do you serve?

We only serve one master, and that is the Doctor. We charge only you and our organization is aligned in every way – financially and ethically – to ensure we benefit you, the doctor.

What are you not telling me?

There is no catch. We pride ourselves at being transparent and straightforward. We can offer our products at a low price because we make money on customization and services.

The vCliniq Toolkit

Our do-it-yourself offering. Has everything you need to get started with to modernise your practice and take it online. You can customise every aspect of your patient experience.

Services on vCliniq

This is our fully managed offering. You can choose to have us take care of everything, or pick the things you want help with and take care of the rest yourself.

Ready to get started?

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